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Art collective
What is Bananaplantin ?
Born in 2015, Bananaplantin is an art collective dedicated to circular economy. We are three creators from graphic design, advertising, and typography: Mordicus, Jenluc & Baobab. We love handmade design and unique pieces. Together, we are making fashion circular.
Our creations
Circular economy is central to our creations. We transform thrift store clothing into unique pieces. Each piece we create has its own history, imperfections, and originality. Embroidery and painting are the main techniques used to breathe new life into a piece.
We have organized regular workshops to present and share our approach for the past two years. Our workshops are centered around the customization of one piece (tank top, t-shirt, headband, etc.) and feature demonstrations of our stenciling techniques. We've done workshops at Pete the Monkey Festival, Le Hasard Ludique, La Prairie du Canal, La Recyclerie, etc.

Since 2015, we have been selling our creations in creative markets, such as Rock en Seine festival (Paris) and La Tricoterie (Brussels). These events are an opportunity for us to present new pieces and exchange ideas with the public.


In December 2018, we exhibited many illustrations at La Galerie du Pop-Up in Paris.
Want to see more ?
Bananaplantin website
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