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CURDLE | The Artisanal Cheese Hangout Experience

Brand Design

Curdle is an innovative cheese shop located in the heart of London. It offers a unique culinary experience by blending traditional and contemporary vibes. The brand invites cheese enthusiasts to indulge in a curated selection of French artisanal delights, creating a warm and sociable atmosphere. Whether you are a cheese lover or simply looking for a new food adventure, Curdle is the perfect place to be.


The brand aims to convey a friendly, modern, and warm personality. Its design elements emphasize a vibrant color palette, friendly typography, and imagery that reflects a convivial atmosphere. Curdle's identity seeks to invite customers into an immersive experience, making cheese appreciation a shared joy at the heart of this unique artisanal cheese hangout.

The brand identity includes logos, color palettes, packaging, fonts, illustrations, labels, their website, and social media posts.

Logo: the goal was to create a playful and approachable logo. The term "curdle" refers to the act of dividing or causing something to divide into lumps or curds. The concept behind this logo is to have the font appear as if it is separating from itself and levitating, representing the initial curdling stage.


Primary logo: it is used all the time in print and digital with primary colors of the color palette.


Secondary logo: it is used when it has to be super small, like for social networks profile pics.

Color palette: the primary color of the brand is yellow, which represents cheese. This color is contrasted with muted green and blue tones to add a modern and fresh aspect to the brand. The color palette was designed to evoke a friendly and social atmosphere.

Yellow Curdle

Green Curdle


Black Curdle

Blue Curdle

Orange Curdle

Turquoise Curdle


Primary font: The Namu Pro font was selected for its rounded appearance, adding a touch of playfulness and warmth. For example, the font is used mainly for titles and subtitles or to emphasize a quote.

FONT (1).png

Secondary font: The Henderson Slab font was chosen for its typewriter appearance, which adds authenticity and creates a strong contrast with the primary font. It is used for body text in both print and digital formats.

FONT (2).png

Illustration & labels: Simple colored pencil illustrations are created to indicate the type of milk used for the cheese, displayed inside the shop.

LABELS (1).png
LABELS (3).png
LABELS (2).png
order cheese.jpg
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