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Problem: Teeth is a brand specialized in oral care and they recently developed a toothpaste for children.The world of toothpaste is boring and always looks too prescriptive.

Children don't like to brush teeth, it’s a fact. The brief was to imagine and create a kid-friendly universe for oral hygiene.

How do we do this ?

Solution: the idea was to customize the packaging with animals and pastel colors. Children can identify and choose the flavor according to their favorite animals: dog, panda, owl or a cat.

Each flavor has its own animal, now available in four flavors: menthol, raspberry, apple & lemon.

Animals were created from basic geometric shapes so kids can redraw them.

​The logo is based on the shape of a tooth and plays off the design of the mouth. 
The font is ChildsPlay to make the product approachable to kids. 

Identity includes illustrations and logo. 

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