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Brand design

Funny Funky Paup's and Le Sacristain approached me to design a logo for their vintage shop in Paris named Wallace & Cie. The shop is situated in the heart of Paris and brings together a variety of vintage shops under one roof. They offer a beautiful selection of items from different decades including retro decorations, illustrations, jewelry, and shoes.

The brand identity includes logos, colors & fonts.

You can find Wallace & Cie here.

Logo: The store's founders were keen on creating a logo that truly captured the essence of their brand. They wanted to incorporate a retro feel that would evoke a sense of nostalgia and vintage charm. The typography, with its retro effect, was chosen to reflect the store's vintage vibe, thereby making the logo a perfect representation of the store's concept.

LOGOS (2).png
LOGOS (1).png

Primary logo: It is used all the time in print and digital, with gold foil when it's printed and empty for digital use, as the gold in digital can look cheap.

Secondary logo: it is used when the logo has to be super small and all for their social networks communications.

Primary font: Poster Gothic is used mainly for titles.

Plan de travail 5.png

Secondary font: Satoshi Variable is used for body text in print and digital.

Plan de travail 4.png

Colors: The color palette combines gold with vibrant colors such as orange or yellow to create a retro-chic feel.

Label Tag PSD MockUp 2.png
2024-04-10 11.06.25.jpg
iPhone 14 Pro, PSD_.png
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